I am late to everything

After fighting with iMovie for what seemed like decades (it may have only been a week but it was traumatic none the less), I bring to you a video. I spent way too long going through the massive amount of pictures that I have taken of the kids in the past year. It was hard to pick which ones I like the most. It was even harder to try and narrow that down so I didn’t have a bajillion minute video. I think I need to do this more often though. Maybe once every few months, I’ll just throw something together. It’ll be nice to have little slideshows and videos of the kids to enjoy.

2013 Reflections from Ashley on Vimeo.

Do you like free stuff?

Of course you do.  What about free comics?  Yes!  Well you’re in luck my friend because DC Entertainment is offering free comics for a week, starting today!!  Check out Comic Vine for more information.  I haven’t read any comics in quite some time, I’m talking years people, so I’m pretty excited about all of this.  Any of the titles look good to you?

It did start

School has been in session since mid-August. One would think that with one less child in the house, I would be able to blog. No. Somehow I have managed to find more things to do and stress myself out about them. So bare with me as I hopefully get into the swing of things again.

School has been going a lot better for Cori this year. There haven’t been many Earth shattering homework meltdowns. She’s been doing really well with her reading this time around. They’re required to read twenty minutes every day and one of us has to make sure to log it into her planner. Chuck gave her a stack of Goosebumps books that he had from when he was a kid. She was thrilled! So far she has read Monster Blood and Monster Blood II. I think she just finished a Ramona Quimby book a week or so ago.

Now onto the great collection of pictures I’ve taken over the past couple of months.

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C’mon Mom!


Liam is starting to chase behind his sister more. That day he was trying to skip like she was. He ended up just doing a cute little hop behind her.

At the sign of cool weather (pretty much anything below 80), I start dusting off the hoodies and jackets. Besides, the kids look adorable in them!